Religious Literacy for Workplaces – the new essential for Diversity and Inclusion

Fit our know-how around your needs. Religious Literacy bespoke training is designed around your organisation.

“Maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks associated with religion and belief at work.”file0001523256820

Bespoke seminars are intended for leaders and managers interested in maximising the opportunities and minimising the risks associated with religion and belief at work. In two linked 45 minute sessions, bridged by a short break-out, participants will:

  • Gain understanding of the concrete challenges of religion and belief in workplaces
  • Recognise how and why the conversation about religion and belief can be difficult
  • Obtain knowledge of the real religious landscape, and how to engage with it in your organisation
  • Identify religious literacy as a practical toolkit which can be used with colleagues, clients and customers in effective, productive ways
  • Feel more confident to engage with religion and belief in the workplace

Other benefits to your business include:

  • Employees bring whole self to work increasing staff satisfaction
  • Better working relationships in office
  • Better preparation in dealing with and understanding clients
  • Better relationships with offices in countries where religion plays more of a major role than in the UK
  • Showing employees you care about them as individuals increasing loyalty and improving staff retention
  • Enhances “human capital” an organisations most important asset

Manage your own follow up with Online Digital Learning, provided, from 2016.

Engage staff across your organisation via a series of 1 hour e-learnings.

E-learnings are available for all staff, managers and strategic leaders, addressing issues including:

  • religion and belief law
  • workplace controversies and how skills for addressing them
  • resilience measures and best practices
  • effective strategy and policy for engaging with religion and belief

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Defining Religion and Belief Literacy

Religious literacy starts with the observation that there is a lamentable quality of understanding about religion and belief, just as we need it most. Billions of people around the world remain religious, despite the assumptions of secularity. In fact 84% of the global population reports a religious affiliation – a figure that is set to rise. Millions of these religious people are in Britain, Europe and the West. Globalization and migration put us all in to daily encounter with that religion and belief. But after decades in which we have barely talked about religion and belief, society has largely lost the ability to do so now. Yet four key things make it pressing: diversity, globalisation, equality, and extremism.

Religion and Belief literacy is designed to equip participants to engage well and with confidence in the context of the diverse religion and belief they encounter everyday. It’s not about acquiring vast amounts of religious knowledge, traditions and theologies. Nobody can know everything. Nor is it about more religion but a better quality of engagement with the religion that’s already there, regardless of your own belief, or none. It is a secular endeavour, not the acquisition of personal belief.

Our religion and belief literacy training is aimed at improving external relations with clients and stakeholders as well as being of benefit to internal staff relations, enabling staff confidently to bring their ‘whole selves’ to the workplace, improving staff attraction and retention and providing managers with an effective tool kit for handling religious issues as they arise.


On religion and belief, religious literacy is at the root of a good future. It is essential that we regain the conversation and a generation is equipped for the task. Equipping the public sphere now with the ability to have the conversation will be the urgent task of professional training and CPD in every sector and setting.

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