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Coexist House
Coexist HouseCoexist House is a new charity which has grown from the Coexist Foundation, which was established in 2006. Coexist House sets out to create a landmark interfaith centre in London which will include a visitor centre, a space for exhibitions and performances, as well as supporting educational programmes and activities. Designed as much for a secular audience as a religious one, Coexist House will be a civic endeavour, designed to improve the way that people understand a variety of different religions and beliefs. It will continue the work of the Coexist Foundation creating understanding across divides.

It is supported by a number of high profile partners which include City of London Corporation, Inner Temple, V&A, and The University of Cambridge.

In 2016 Coexist House  entered into a business relationship with EY to develop online programmes for Religious Literacy for Organisations and Coexist House requested RLP to provide the content for these programmes.

RLP continues to lead Coexist House’s Religious Literacy activities with EY, and RLP donates a significant percentage of any revenue received from programme sales to Coexist House to support its charitable interfaith work. RLP has no direct contractual relationship with EY.